Sunday, March 10, 2013


Thought I'd try something new on my blog. I've been thinking lately of either deleting my Facebook account or cutting back on the amount of time I'm on it (update: forget deleting Facebook, lol). I already have two blogs here, and I hardly use them. One was about wrestling, which I rarely follow anymore, and the other one is a personal one which I rarely use.

One of my hobbies is collecting sports programs. Most of them are hockey, but I have some from football, baseball and basketball. The majority of the collection is from the 1970s to the present, but I also have some that date back to as old as 1923. I've bought many on eBay and at flea markets or card shows. A lot of them were bought when I attended games.  My collection has grown to two full file cabinets (2-door style) with a little spillover.

I'll start with Saginaw hockey, then work my way through the rest of Michigan. After that, I'll probably post random programs from any team or league. Probably make another blog for other sports too. We'll see what happens.

A lot of the stats are from, a great resource for hockey logos and stats. Some of the stuff I knew already, but most I had to look up. All the programs, of course, are from my own personal collection.

The format I plan on following is displaying a scan of the program's cover, then giving a review of that season. I'll include the team's record, offensive and defensive leaders, and playoff results (if the team made the playoffs). I'll also give a few thoughts on the program, like what it looks like, how many pages, and what  game it was from.

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