Monday, December 30, 2013

And We're Back!

     It's been awhile since I last posted, hasn't it?

     During the weekend of December 20-22, we were hit with an ice storm, which knocked out the last day of school before winter break (Dec. 20). A lot of people lost power during this weekend, and many didn't have it restored until just recently. We were lucky...ours was off for only six hours on Sunday. 
    While the power was back on, our internet signal was out until the ice melted away the following Friday. Glad we were lucky and didn't have to go without electricity for a week, but it wasn't fun not having the internet for so long!

Don't forget the baseball programs blog, which can be found at this page:

Back to posting!

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  1. Howdy -

    I have a couple of old programs I'd like to contribute, either scans or the genuine article. Do you have and minor league hockey ticket stubs to trade? 1 program is from the Jacksonville Bullets of the 1992 version of the Sunshine Professional Hockey League...