Wednesday, October 8, 2014

White Whales: Programs I'm looking for...

Even though I have a ton of programs, there are still a few programs I'm still looking for. Here are my "White Whales":

1. 1980-81 Port Huron Flags: The final season of the Flags. Haven't seen a program for that franchise in awhile on eBay. The team didn't draw too well that final season, so a program from that season might be a bit tricky to find.

2. 1978-79 Muskegon Mohawks: 3-32-3 in the first half of the season. The Mohawks that year didn't just hit rock bottom, they slammed head-first into it at 100 mph. Have only seen schedules from that season on eBay and nothing at trade shows/flea markets.

3. Flint Spirits: I bought my first Spirits program at Gibraltar Trade Center in Mount Clemens, and got a 1989-90 Spirits program on eBay. Again, have only seen schedules and the occasional pack of cards online since.  Would love to have more Spirits programs

4. 1987-88 Saginaw Hawks: The only Hawks program I own is from a Hawks-Spirits game Dad and I went to back in 1988-89. I saw a Hawks program years ago at the antique flea market in Midland, but the seller wanted $20. Haven't seen any programs online.

5. 1984-85 Flint Generals: The final season of the Generals. There's one on eBay for $29.99, but that's a bit pricey for me.

6. 1991-92 Flint Bulldogs: The first season of the Bulldogs. There's a Utica Bulldogs program on eBay, but the price is $49.99 due to Gordie Howe's autograph. No sight of Flint Bulldogs programs...though you can get Bulldogs T-Shirts at! :)

 To be honest, I haven't seen too many programs from the IHL or this state lately. Nothing too interesting or in my price range, to be honest.


  1. UPDATE: Bought 3 Flint Spirits programs on eBay last week (1985-86, 1987-88 and 1988-89). I now have a program from every year of that franchise's existence. So there's one "white whale" off the list. :)

  2. UPDATE PART II: Bought the 1987-88 Hawks and 1984-85 Generals programs, so there are two more "white whales" that have been reeled in.