Thursday, May 5, 2016

Another Program I Want: 1983-84 Tulsa Oilers

I'm going to add another program to my list of "wants": the 1983-84 Tulsa Oilers. The reason? Read this article. Quite an interesting story.

Basically, the following events happened:

1. Oilers ownership declared bankruptcy midway through the season.
2. Oilers lose arena lease and fold.
3. CHL and the New York Rangers (Oilers' parent team) split the costs of keeping the Oilers alive for the rest of the season as a travel team.
4. Oilers players are put up in a Denver hotel.
5. Oilers make the playoffs.
6. Oilers win the Adams Cup while not playing a home game in over a month.
7. Oilers finally cease operations.
8. The entire CHL follows suit and folds as well.

It would make a great ESPN 30 for 30 episode. Programs do exist, but I haven't seen one from that season yet. Hopefully I can find one reasonably priced.

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